Gutter Connected Truss-Bow Greenhouse

This is the Professional's Greenhouse for professional growing.  This prefabricated B&K Gutter-Connected Heavy-Galvanized Square Steel Welded Truss Greenhouse can be ordered in the multi-bay or single modular design units to meet your requirements.

This greenhouse is designed to "Grow-with-You"
with your choice of future expansions in length or width to the open end or side modules.

The maintenance-free galvanized steel frame
comes with prefabricated factory-welded square Truss Bows in one unit modules ready for easy assembly by your crew. Or, we can put you in touch with a selection of B&K approved crews.

The large, wide galvanized gutters
offer easy walk-in service to coverings and exceptionally fast heavy rain drainage. Additional strength is provided by five rows of purlins running along the truss/bows.

Yes, B&K can custom design many components and accessories to coordinate the structure to meet your requirements.

Gutter Height:
8', 10', 12' or as specified.
Unit Bay Length:
Between Post Spacing to local snow/wind load
    conditions, (Expandable in 10' and 12' modules).

Unit Bay Width:
18', 22', 23', 24', 30' or 36' Bow Widths
Sliding or as specified.  Specify locations
Coverings :
Roof, Sidewalls, Ends, Gables. Select in Single Poly,
    Double Poly, Polycarbonate, Fiberglass, Shadecloth or Other.

Heaters, Fans, Cool Pads & Accessories:
As specified to greenhouse size.
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Professional's Greenhouse?
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