Shadehouse Catalog
B&K is recognized as world leader in sub-tropic and warm area shade house construction techniques.

B&K’s Unique Shadehouse Capability...
for hot, hurricane prone tropical zones or for wind swept, frigid artic snow belts. For more than 20 years we've built shadehouse enclosures for locations whose diverse and widely variable growing conditions challenge our engineering prowess.
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S02 Sawtooth Post & Cable

The B&K copyrighted SawTooth Post & Cable Shadehouse design allows a freer airflow and greatly reduces inside temperatures as compared to other shade structures.

S03 Post & Cable

Decide on B&K’s "Thousands of Acres of Experience" in Shadehouse construction. Savings start with a design layout that takes advantage of shadecloth widths!

S05 Cold Frames

B&K's durable and strong galvanized steel Cold Frames  give you many years of reliable service.